All That a Land Surveying Firm Can Serve You

Hiring a land surveying firm can help you save time and money, as well as ensure compliance with various building codes and government standards in construction. The services of land surveyors are important to various industries, including telecommunications, environmental, engineering, and real estate. Here are some of the things that a good land surveying firm can do for you:

• Land surveying – This service will identify terrestrial or three-dimensional positions and the angles and distances between them. The points are marked on the surface of the earth to establish boundaries or land maps. Reputable land surveying firms have the experience, a licensed and skilled staff, and the latest technological equipment to accomplish the most complex topographic surveys and land survey and mapping requirements.

• Telecom surveys – Telecommunications industries need this to provide 2C or 1A FAA certifications to a cell tower owner so that they can build one. The survey records and reports easement, boundary, topographical, access information, and utility zoning of a cell site’s location.

• ALTA / ACSM surveys – These are essential land title surveys that are accredited by the American Land Title Association and ACSM. They are commercial surveys that follow a set of standard codes before construction can be permitted. A land surveying firm meets all the survey standards set by authorized institutions and the government.

• High definition surveying – Land surveying companies have licensed, skilled, and knowledgeable technicians and surveyors who can use 3D laser scanning for faster and more accurate results compared to conventional survey methods. 3D HD surveys are ideal for building constructors, project developers, and surveying architects who must accurately survey land that is already being used or examined for remodeling, destruction, or renovation. High definition 3D surveying can produce 360-degree photo realistic panoramic scans.

• Environmental surveys – Reputable land surveying companies cater to the environmental industry to deliver ecological services and subdivision planning. They can conduct topographic surveys, boundary surveys, as built surveys, Geo Tracker reporting, and earth quantity calculations.