New Technology in Land Surveying

Innovations and technologies have certainly altered the land surveying industry. Gone are the days when ropes, tape measures, and slide rules were used to survey properties. Thanks to computerization and microchips, land surveying is more accurate and precise than ever—not to mention easier and speedier. The latest technologies generate more data points and even render actual images. Land surveying technology today involves:

• Satellite Positioning Systems – This technology allows surveyors to measure points or features anywhere on Earth from space.

• GIS Software – Allows the capture and analysis of data for the creation of digital area maps.

• 3D Laser Scanners – Allows the interpretation of the ‘shape’ of the building or land using data point clouds, thereby generating an accurate visualization of land, volumetric determinations, and material composition analysis.

• Terrestrial Mobile LIDAR Scanning or TMLS – Allows the collection of survey grade data at breakneck speeds, there by gathering more data while keeping surveying costs down.

These technological advances do not just affect land surveying, but also other industries such as meteorology, natural resource management, vehicle speed management, and forestry, to name a few. New tools continue to enter the market, enhancing data analysis and acquisition and ultimately helping architects and engineers planto build projects that better suit the land.

The best land surveyors of today keep up with the newest technologies and continually learn how to maximize the use of these new tools. Surveying land is now also safer and much quicker — there is no longer a need to stand in traffic or block off lanes. As new land surveying technologies come into the mainstream, numerous organizations in transportation, health, and law enforcement are benefitted. These tools do not just create topographical maps or building outlines. The land surveying industry is now a multipurpose practice touchinga wider range of industries with better results.