Surveying Colorado: Find the Best Land to Experience a Thriving Life

Getting your future home or possible property surveyed is very important, not only because land surveys help you determine the true value of the land, but also because they help unearth titling and boundary issues that might have been buried with the times, especially when the property has gone through multiple ownerships and title transfers in its lifetime. Here are some of the ways land surveys help you find the best land to develop and build on:

  • Land surveys help you identify possible encroachments on the potential property. Encroachments can become bigger hassles down the road, involving all kinds of legal disputes and claims. Common examples of encroachments include neighbor’s fences or walls/parts of a building, going over their land boundaries and into your own.
  • Surveys also help identify missing corners, which can be an issue when planning to put up a fence around the home. Knowing the exact location of your property line is very important so as to avoid encroachment of the neighbor’s property as well as to prevent the financial burden of removing and rebuilding the structure in the correct location.
  • Land surveys also help protect your investment, as you get to determine the exact dimensions of the property, the exact size and location of your home on the property, and other details and features of the land, including improvements and developments like driveways and walk paths that may be crossing property lines.
  • If you plan on dividing your property among family members or subdividing to sell, a land survey will also help you determine the regulations that may impact your plans. Different counties and cities have varying restrictions on property divisions, which is why it is best to find a specialized land surveyor in your location when having your property surveyed.