High Definition Scanning Services and Their Advantages

High definition laser scanners are now the premier choice of measurement tools for land surveys. Professionals around the world turn to this advanced technology to improve the quality and accuracy of data collection and enhance overall projectoutcomes. More than being an efficient tool for measuring vast distances and gathering information on as-is conditions, 3D technology also offers unique solutions to the challenges land surveyors have been faced with for years. The following are only some of the major advantages of using high definition scanners for land surveying:

• They help cut field time short. Mapping spaces and properties the traditional way takes a considerable amount of time, labor, and, in turn, money, whereas 3D technology offers a fast and accurate means of measurement that greatly reduces field time and prevents errors, which force surveyors to re-work spaces. This also allows survey professionals to concentrate better on analyzing the data instead of worrying too much about the data collection process.

• High definition scanning technology also offers extreme versatility as it comes in a wide variety of types and platforms. This enables survey professionals to select among a range of tools that can best do the job right, ranging from areal mapping to standard laser and mobile laser scanning, which allow for greater flexibility for surveyors who often struggle to work around many different obstacles when measuring properties.

• 3D scanning technology enables accurate reconstruction of spaces, unlike any traditional measuring technique can. Results from high definition scanning are so objective and accurate that every angle of the space is calculated with very little room for error. Digital models created from these survey data are therefore incredibly accurate and are representative of the true conditions within and around the space. Precise data also means more realistic and accurate drawings and mappings manually, or with the help of the latest software programs.


How to Find the Best Land Surveying Services in California?

The services of a land surveyor are crucial whether you are planning to buy or sell a home. Expert land surveyors can assist in the early phase of a building project to ensure compliance to building regulations and safety requirements in California. Their services are essential for determining the precise boundaries of your land, too. For these reasons, you need to find and choose the most reputable and experienced land surveyor in the state. Here are tips to finding the right land surveyor in California:

• Make sure that the land surveyor is licensed in California. Licensed surveyors are proven to be highly trained and professional in providing their services and in utilizing the most advanced surveying technologies and techniques. Look for a professional who is proven to be trustworthy and reliable in land surveying.

• Explore the land surveyor’s experience. Verify that the professional has at least a decade of experience working with different types of clients in California, from land brokers to property developers and owners, attorneys, engineers, architects, and government agencies. This proves their flexibility in providing their services to different industries, and that they are trusted by those clients.

• Find out the technologies they use. It is not enough for land surveyors to be knowledgeable and skilled. They must be updated with the latest technologies and land surveying methods. Look for a land surveying company that uses state of the art technologies and equipment like high definition surveying and 3D laser scanning. Make sure that the company is known for performing accurate ALTA and ACSM surveys, too. Moreover, make sure that they have proven experience in using those technologies and surveying methods. Reputable companies keep up with the latest developments and most innovative technologies to ensure the accuracy of their data.