Uses & Applications of 3D Laser Scanning Services

The most advanced and updated method in land surveying is high definition 3D laser scanning surveying. As a high definition survey technique, 3D laser scanning surveying for land is considered faster and more reliable in procuring results compared to traditional land surveying methods. High definition 3D laser scanning can accurately survey the land that has already been constructed and may require further examination for remodeling, destruction, or renovation.

High definition scanning methods uses an updated scanning system, which is accurate and versatile in various applications. They can create or update as-built documentation, assess the condition or damage on property, and exchange data with various CAD platforms. This survey method can complete 3D CAD models quickly and precisely from point clouds. HD 3D laser scanning services can be used to check clash or interference, create 2D plans, and help land and property inspectors.  They are useful in 3D semi-automated modeling and in analyzing deformation as well. A 3D laser scanning is also important in determining vessel or tank volumetric information and for determining weld peaking reports.

To showcase the scanned 3D images, high definition 3D scanning relies on high-end software. The HD survey provides panoramic markups, images, and other measurements. The equipment and software can take 360×320-degree photo realistic panoramic scans to provide a more exclusive and precise 3D imagery to land surveyors. This way, the technology becomes ideal for projects in their planning, initiation, upgrade, and conclusion stages.

The 3D laser scanning services from a reputable land surveying company is applicable to various industries, commercial and residential construction projects, and more. The 3D technology is useful for a more accurate image of land and its topography, making it a valuable service to surveying architects, builders, and project developers. To ease your project’s construction process hire a company that specializes in 3D laser scanning. Look for a reputable company that uses the latest 3D laser scanning equipment online.