Why Is There a Need to Hire a Land Surveyor for Conflicting Property Boundaries?

Sometimes, property disputes may arise between two owners of neighboring properties and the issue is about conflicting boundaries. Boundary disputes typically occur when legal descriptions become confusing and two landowners are claiming to own the same parcel or area of a property or land. In that case, there is a need to hire a land surveyor to properly settle disputes related to conflicting property boundaries. If you are currently in a predicament concerning land ownership, it is recommended that you hire a licensed land surveying company that has a good track record of conducting accurate and reliable residential property or boundary surveys.

 Property line conflicts and disputes typically occur when homeowners fail to determine where their boundaries are. Sometimes, a land surveyor will be called upon by a finance company or bank to verify where your property lies before they grant you a reasonable mortgage. A lot of homeowners will assume that their property is only within an existing fence or where the tree line is, or where a neighbor or previous homeowner would state where lot lines are. Disputes may arise when you buy existing property and you want to build a fence, improve the landscaping, or enhance the driveway. These projects may cause you to encroach on adjacent properties. A land surveyor can serve as a credible witness in case your need to take your case to court.

 In case you are planning to expand or renovate your home, build a fence or a wall, erect a gate, or add to your front or backyard, you should consider hiring a land surveyor, too. Do not wait until your neighbor starts to complain about you encroaching on his or her property. In fact, hiring a land surveyor is recommended before embarking on any construction project. As a preventative measure, hiring a professional surveyor will help identify where your property begins and ends, define where you can build, and help you avoid expenses associated with lawsuits and rework. Doing so shows that you are a good and responsible neighbor, too.

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