Benefits Of Topographic Survey Without Straining The Budgets

Topographic survey is the initial step carried out in the construction of a property. Precise topographic information of the area, developments in that area over the past few years, usefulness of the area, and setback data is required before designing any construction site. The fundamental motive behind conducting topographic survey is to determine the exact location of field boundaries with respect to descriptions of deed. This survey is done for residential, commercial, or under construction property. For each category a separate procedure if followed. Some of the cases where topological survey is required are mentioned below:

  • Prior to the transfer of land title
  • Prior to the subdivision of land
  • Prior to the development of land through construction of roads, fencing and buildings etc.
  • Prior to occurrence of any dispute regarding land boundary.

Some of the benefits of conducting these surveys are mentioned below:

  • With these surveys you can also get the information related to the area of the field, and any kind of physical encroachments onto the property, or onto any nearby property.
  • This survey helps engineers, architects in designing a construction site like residential and commercial properties, drainage areas, streets, roads, dams, bridges etc.
  • The best part of these surveys is they are cost effective. They are carried out without any major investment of capital.
  • People doing this survey are equipped with elaborate set of tools and procedures to precisely find out information related to the species and dbh(diameter breadth height) of trees.
  • Topological survey is beneficial in enhancing human environment.
  • Its plays a significant role in field of mapping and establishment of legal boundaries of land, commutation, telecommunications, properties and buildings.

Topological survey is very essential in planning and implementation of any construction. Depending upon the need these surveys are conducted in variety of scales and levels.