Risk of Buying Land without Having a Survey Done By Professional Land Surveyors Always Prevails, Know Why

Your decision to purchase land will depend not only on factors like the price, location, and its condition, but the information from a professional surveyor. In fact, it is recommended that you have a survey professionally done by licensed land surveyors before you ultimately decide to buy any parcel of land. Without a survey, you could be at risk for many financial headaches and lawsuits in the future, as well as disputes with your neighbors or rightful owners of the property. Here is an overview of the risks you could encounter when buying land without having it surveyed by a professional:

  • You could end up building your property and erecting fences on a neighbor’s land – Land surveying can reveal where property boundaries are. Without it, you could make costly mistakes, like when you have to face lawsuits or lose money when you unknowingly built on your neighbor’s land.
  • The land could be hiding secrets – There have been instances where homes and commercial properties have been built on former cemeteries or sacred burial grounds. Even if you are not the superstitious type, it still helps to know the history of the land you are planning to buy and if any other property has already been built on it. Land surveyors can reveal unknown encroachments, boundary issues, and easements, too.
  • The land could be inappropriate for your structure – Land must be suitable for building before you begin any type of project on it. Without a survey, you could risk building on unstable soil or contaminated ground. Professional land surveyors are qualified to conduct a topographical survey to determine the condition of the land. If you are building a commercial structure, surveyors can conduct an ALTA/ACSM survey to identify the land’s legal boundaries and any easements, encroachments, rights-of-way, and improvements on it.

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Environmental Land Surveys – The New and Improved Way to Survey Any Land

Land surveying typically involves finding, measuring, and mapping the boundaries of a land, but it encompasses many different techniques meant for specific purposes. Environmental land surveys, for instance, is a technique that lets surveyors understand potential effects of environmental factors on construction or real estate developments, and conversely, the impact those structures will have on the surrounding environment. Hence, they are considered among the new and improved ways to survey any land, whether it is meant for residential or commercial purposes. Environmental land surveys can cover different tasks, like Geo-Tracker reporting, monitoring well, earth quantity calculations, topographic and boundary surveys, as-built surveys, and construction staking.

Only licensed and highly qualified land surveyors can conduct environmental land surveys using advanced methods and cutting-edge technologies, like high-definition 3D laser scanning. Land surveyors use GPS, 3D laser scanners, and other high-end equipment for accurate and quick results. High definition 3D laser scanning can produce results faster than traditional methods, so it helps architects, builders, engineers, and project developers make informed decisions quicker. It allows for examining land that has already been used, too. The equipment enables environmental land surveys to yield panoramic, photo-realistic, and detailed images, measurements, and other markups, all of which can be used in assessing land, structure, or a proposed building.

Environmental land surveys can be conducted for real estate, telecommunications, engineering, property development, and environmental industries in the private and public sectors. When choosing environmental land surveyors, always make sure that they are licensed in the state where the survey will be conducted, and that they have years of experience in providing their land surveying services in that area. Survey results can reveal the likelihood of an existing or proposed structure to flood, or used when assessing the condition of contaminated land, which has been used for disposal or industrial waste.

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3D Laser Scanning Services – Which Land Surveying Company Offers the Best

The success of your construction project can depend on several factors, and one of them is the type of land surveying company you will hire. When choosing a land surveying firm, it is important to examine certain factors that can affect the outcome of the property survey, like the equipment they use to measure the land and create maps. Leading land surveying companies are equipped with cutting-edge technologies that enable them to provide 3D laser scanning services. 3D laser scanning is a high-definition land surveying method that leaves no room for error. Apart from being accurate, the method is fast and flexible for a wide range of applications, so it preferred by discerning project developers, builders, and architects.

The equipment is one of the first things you must verify and ensure when determining the quality of a land surveying company’s 3D laser scanning services. Make sure that they use only the most state-of-the-art and the latest 3D laser scanner that is compatible with modern software for reviewing the scanned images. High-end 3D laser scanners can exchange data with various CAD platforms, too. The scanner can take panoramic and three-dimensional images, as well as 360×320-degree photo realistic panoramic scans.

There may be different companies offering 3D laser scanning services, but not all of them will provide the same level of commitment in ensuring high-quality customer service and accurate results. When determining which land surveying company can offer the best services, always check for their experience first. One of the best land surveying companies in Western United States has been in business for 30 years, and they continue to use the latest technologies and surveying methods to ensure accurate results every time. Be sure to verify the types of clients they have worked with. Leading land surveyors are preferred by different industries, particularly those that are involved in engineering, real estate, environmental, and telecommunications.

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Land Surveyors and Various Land Surveying Services

Land surveying is a task that must be left to professionals who are licensed to provide and conduct the service in your city or state. Leading surveying companies provide high-quality services for real estate, telecommunications, engineering, development, and environmental industries in the private and public sectors. They are committed to applying innovative surveying technologies to ensure accurate results. Using the latest technologies like high-definition 3D laser scanning, land surveyors are able to conduct any form of land survey for any application. Here is an overview of some of the land surveying services you can expect from professional surveyors:

ALTA/ACSM surveys – These are accredited land title surveys meant for commercial purposes. Land surveyors follow a uniform set of standards implemented by the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. ALTA and ACSM surveys are conducted to obtain information for lenders and buyers about the land or the property and its potential risks and the benefits of owning that property. They shed light on the information on boundaries and easements, offer suggestions for improvements like fences, rights of ways, trails, and roads, and provide information on other aspects of the property that may determine or affect ownership.

Environmental surveys – Land surveys that are conducted for the environmental industry can cover tasks like geotracker reporting, monitoring well, earth quantity calculations, as-built surveying, construction staking, and topographic surveys.

Geodetic survey – The survey is a method that supports boundary determination, mapping, resource evaluation, infrastructure development, scientific applications, and property delineation. Geodetic surveys establish the vertical and horizontal positions of the points for control of an installation site, study area, GIS, map, or project. Surveyors ascertain the fixed monuments’ three-dimensional point positions to obtain information, which will serve as a reference for construction and engineering projects. The control paints can become the basic framework for topographic mapping, construction alignment, and boundary demarcation.

Residential property survey – For this survey, land surveyors do not only measure the boundaries of the land, but analyze and research the land before determining the boundaries and plot of the property. They look up previous surveys, which may affect present conclusions on the land, too.

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Why Is It Necessary to Hire a Licensed Land Surveying Company?

When deciding to buy property, you need to consider hiring a licensed land surveying company. That way, you will know exactly what you are paying for. There are other instances when you must hire a licensed land surveying company, too, such as when planning to sell land or if you want to build a new structure or install a new fence. You may turn to them for legal assistance if you require evidence on your neighbor who might have encroached on your property. A licensed and surveyor can be a credible witness and present the results of the survey in court to settle any land dispute.

Land is one of the possible biggest investments and assets you will ever have. Hence, it is important to know more about it. A land survey is typically ordered before completing the sale of any property. Only a licensed land surveying company that has fully trained, experienced, and certified surveyors will be qualified to conduct any type of survey, whether it is a residential property survey or a commercial ALTA/ACSA survey. They are qualified to conduct other types of surveys, too, such as topographic, environmental, and geodetic surveys. A land surveying company will have all the necessary equipment and modern technologies to conduct the survey swiftly and accurately.

Licensing grants a land surveying company the right to provide their services in your area. Hence, make sure that you are hiring a company that is licensed and qualified to work in your city or state. That way, you can be sure that they know and understand local laws and regulations and zoning laws. Licensing helps verify their reputation and skill in land surveying, too. That way, they are preferred by many different types of clients, including property developers, general contractors, land brokers, architects, engineers, lawyers, and government agencies.

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Types of Land Surveys – An Overview

Land surveys deal with the mapping and measurement of the land using specialized equipment and technology, and mathematics. The results of a land survey do not merely show the calculation of the size and boundaries of a land. They can reveal other important qualities of the land that can have an impact on the development or the project in the long run. To make it easier for land surveyors, they follow certain guidelines when conducting surveys for different purposes. Here is an overview of some of the types of land surveys:

Residential surveys – When you need to identify the boundaries of a parcel of land, you order a residential property survey (also known as the ‘boundary survey’). It includes the research and analysis of any previous surveys conducted on the property. You may need to call a residential property land surveyor before buying or selling a home, and before you build any additional structure on your property, such as a fence or a new shed. That way, you can be sure that you can build within your property lines.

ALTA/ACSM land title surveys – ALTA and ACSM surveys are accredited land title surveys for commercial purposes. They follow a set of uniform standard code, especially when being conducted for construction purposes. These surveys are also known as ‘due diligence surveys’ because they are commissioned to gain information on country zoning laws, height requirements, and setback requirements.

Topographic surveys – The geographical condition of the land can be determined with a topographic survey, which is typically conducted during the planning stage of construction and developmental projects. The survey is conducted above and below ground level, covering all object and features the land like wells, utility poles, walkways, trees, and manholes. The data from the survey will be used for contouring the land and identifying the map.

Geodetic surveys – The geodetic survey is a method that supports boundary determination, mapping, infrastructure development, property delineation, scientific applications, and resource evaluation surveys. It establishes the vertical and horizontal positions of points for control of the installation site, project, study area, GIS, or map.

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Things That Land Surveyors Analyze About the Land

Land surveyors are hired to determine the boundaries of a property, survey plots, and create maps. They work under different conditions and use traditional and advanced surveying equipment to complete a job. Professional land surveyors are licensed in the state where they are allowed to offer their services, and they are trusted by both commercial and residential clients, as well as insurance companies and the authorities when it comes to information about a parcel of land. Here are some of the things that land surveyors can analyze about land:

The horizontal and vertical positions of points – These can be found through a geodetic survey, a technique that supports boundary determination, mapping, infrastructure development, property delineation, and resource evaluation surveys. The survey establishes the vertical and horizontal positions of the points for controlling a project or a map, study area, GIS, or installation site. The points can be the basic framework for detailed boundary demarcation and topographic mapping.

A land’s geographical condition – In topographic surveys, land surveyors will determine and analyze the geographical condition of the land to come up with data for contouring and mapping the land. This analysis is crucial in the planning phase of every construction or developmental project. The contours and maps will be used as the base map for the entire project. To determine the overall condition of the land, land surveyors will conduct the survey below and above the grand level to examine the entire area and objects on it, such as utility poles, manholes, soil density, walkways, walls, wells, and trees. The outcome of the survey can provide various details that can determine the life, value, and strength of the land.

Boundaries – Land surveyors conduct boundary surveys to identify, locate, analyze, measure, and report the location of a land’s boundary lines. The survey may reveal encroachments on the land, too. To accomplish this, surveyors conduct the survey following technical standards. Land surveyors are qualified to conduct accredited land title surveys like ALTA and ACSM, too, for commercial properties.

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