Tips to Consider During 3D Laser Scanning Surveys for Your Land

The land survey is critical when you plan to do something with your land. The information from the survey will come in handy when you need to remodel, develop, or sell your land, or demolish a structure from it. Any land development project is time-sensitive, so it makes sense to consider reliable and speedy surveying methods, like 3D laser scanning. This high-definition survey is currently the most advanced and updated among land surveying techniques. It can provide results accurately and quickly, but not every service provider can guarantee the highest-quality results at the right price. So, consider these tips when finding and doing a 3D laser scanning surveyor for your land:

  • Learn about the method – 3D laser scanning surveys use an updated scanning system that is accurate, fast, and versatile. A high-end software is used for viewing the results, which are three-dimensional images of your land. The scanner can provide panoramic images, measurements, and other markups that are critical to your land. It can take 360 by 320-degree photo-realistic panoramic scans, too. This way, you get exclusive and precise three-dimensional images.
  • Know what the survey is used for – High-definition 3D laser scanning surveys are conducted at any phase of the project, including the planning, initiating, upgrade, and conclusion. useful to many applications, including the creation or updating of as-built documentation, data exchange with CAD platforms, condition and damage assessment, deformation analysis, and 3D semi-automated modeling. It is useful when determining tank/vessel volumetric information and for surveying for safety inspections.
  • Supervise the land surveyors – Work with the reputable land surveyors offering 3D laser scanning services in your area. Make sure they are licensed in your city or state and accompany them in your property during the survey. That way, you can discuss your needs further with them and make sure that the results of the survey are exactly what you need to make an informed decision about your project.

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Take the Greatest Deals on Expert Land Surveyor in Los Angeles

The land surveyor is an expert you can count on when you need to buy land or property or build, demolish, or renovate a structure. It is a professional who is licensed to help you determine your property’s boundaries and characteristics before you do anything to the land or the structure. When choosing a surveyor, we often base the decision on the price, considering the cheapest service provider we can find in Los Angeles. However, this should be avoided, and further research should be involved when making your choice. Reputable land surveyors in Los Angeles offer the best deals with their services when it comes to the cost, their proven expertise, and the trust, which their clients have in them.

To make sure that you are paying good money for their services, pick only licensed professionals who are registered and allowed to work in Los Angeles and in California in general. That way, you can be sure that they know and understand the surveying laws and regulations in your area, and they work following state regulations and industry standards. Look for liability insurance, too. This way, you do not have to worry too much about costly mistakes and the safety of the surveyor on your property.

Expert land surveyors in Los Angeles have the experience in the type of survey that you need. The best ones belong to a team of competent surveyors who specialize in different kinds of surveys, like topographic, mapping, boundary, geodetic, environmental, and ALTA/ACSM surveys. Check the surveyor’s credentials and expertise in the type of survey that you want, and make sure they have a good and proven track record of providing good results.

Land surveying can be quicker and cost-effective when the surveyor is using the high-quality equipment. So, take time to learn about their surveying methods, equipment, and tools. Expert land surveyors use a combination of traditional and state-of-the-art methods to deliver the most accurate results.

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Tips to Perform 3D Scanning in Los Angeles

A lot of methods for surveying land may exist, but advanced techniques like 3D laser scanning are preferred for providing quick turnaround and accurate results. A 3D laser scanner works by sweeping or scanning through a given area with tiny laser beams. As it does, it picks up as much data about the area as it can to generate a three-dimensional image. In some cases, the equipment can create photorealistic scans of the area, too. However, the accuracy of 3D scanning in Los Angeles will depend on certain factors, such as how the equipment was setup, the quality of the equipment, the viewing software, and the number of sweeps that the scanner can do in a few minutes. Here are some tips to make sure that you can perform 3D scanning in Los Angeles the right way:

  • Hire the right land surveying firm that is good at it – Look for a reputable provider of 3D laser scanning services in Los Angeles. Make sure it has a great track record of providing accurate scans and images to its clients, and that it is trusted by builders, developers, and architects in California.

  • Use up-to-date equipment that is properly calibrated for the scan – Make sure that the latest 3D laser scanner is used, one that has been calibrated for the task. That way, you can be more confident in the quality and accuracy of the results.

  • Perform aerial scans – You can determine the exact depth and location of certain objects in the scan when they are viewed from above. An aerial scan makes sense if you need to conduct a survey on a dangerous or difficult land. This can be conducted with the help of drones.
  • Double check the results – Seasoned surveyors will perform two or more scans to ensure accuracy and consistent results, instead of settling for a single scan.

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Grab the Best Deals on Land Surveying in Colorado

High-quality land surveying does not come cheap, but there are professional surveyors that can ensure a cost-effective service and accurate results that will provide the best value for your money. The key is to find the right service provider that is experienced, trustworthy, and dependable in Colorado. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Learn about the land surveyors – Make sure they are licensed to provide their services in Colorado and that they have at least two or three decades of experience in conducting land surveying in the state. Professionals who have been in business for a long time tend to be more flexible and have a good track record of their service, or they would not have lasted that long. To be sure of their credibility, check with the Better Business Bureau and look up feedback and reviews written by their clients. Repeat clients are a good sign that the land surveying firm is doing well and trusted in the state.

  • Find out what they can do – Experienced and reputable land surveyors can help you with a wide range of projects, from construction and commercial land surveying to telecommunications, environmental, residential, and topographic survey needs.

  • Get a quote from at least two or three land surveyors – Make a list of leading land surveying companies in Colorado and ask for an estimate of the service that you need. Compare their rates, but do not easily settle for the cheapest provider until you have verified the quality of the service and the accuracy of the results.

  • Explore the survey methods used – It makes sense to know what methods and equipment the land surveyors use. Ideally, they should be constantly updated with the latest industry practices and advanced equipment for surveying, like 3D laser scanning and GPS technology to ensure quick turnaround and accurate results.

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The Purpose of a Land Survey When Buying a New Property

In every investment you make, it is critical to ensure that where or what you are putting your money on is secure in all aspects. A land purchase is one of the most important investments you will make in your lifetime. When buying property, you want to make sure that the estate you are purchasing is worthwhile and in good standing. Land surveying is a valuable step to take whenever purchasing property. It allows you to protect your investment by providing critical information that will help you determine whether or not the property you want to purchase is a fair deal.

Land surveys involve different processes that help define, validate, and plot boundary lines as well as the inclusion of structures within a property. Surveys also include other related and important features defined in the property’s deed, such as fences, building locations, streets, etc. A land survey verifies that the information included in the deed is 100% correct, accurate, and up to date.

Many people who plan to purchase land or property often forgo land surveying, under the false impression that it is nothing but added expense. What they don’t realize is that land surveys can protect their interest in many aspects, especially in terms of clarifying and verifying land boundaries and property lines of the state you are purchasing. This is especially helpful when it comes to determining structures and areas that are included in the written deed. By hiring a land surveyor, you can make certain that you are getting the property you are paying for as professional land inspectors or surveyors can help verify that the features, including all the improvements that are described in the property deed of your prospective purchase, are indeed part of the real estate you are buying. Not only does this guarantee the accuracy of these documents, it also helps ensure the value of your purchase.

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Benefits of High Definition Scanning for Quality Inspection Services

Computer aided inspections are ideal for analyzing and inspecting quality through comparison with desired digital models. These inspections make use of powerful software tools and HD scanning techniques to ensure that implemented designs are up to par with the original plan as well as to find out any dimensional irregularities. High resolution or high definition 3D scanning allows the capture and collection of millions of data points (XYZ points) on the surface of surveyed objects so complete coverage of the visible surfaces can be inspected.

One of the main benefits of high definition scanning for quality inspection is the extreme accuracy of the data collected. This allows for the efficient inspection of different parts, molds, structures, and features for design and dimensional flaws. HD data can cover 100% of object features, which allows for a compete and detailed inspection of its quality and design accuracy. HD scanning, combined with the different software tools and programs used for data visualization allow for quick viewing of results in simple and easy to understand plots and customized reports, generated from the data collected. Digital mock-ups or models of original designs as well as the surveyed product help solve assembly or implementation problems as they occur.

With the help of new technology, 3D high definition scanning allows for fast and efficient delivery of accurate data and easy to understand reports. Now that 3D technology is more widely available, quality inspection services using HD scanning techniques and methodologies are also more accessible and affordable, providing clients with an efficient and flexible means of quality inspection for various applications. Service providers also offer highly customizable reports that meet the needs of unique projects and client standards. This means quality inspection reports that provide essential data on different features, variables, and dimensions critical to or related to the current design issue or flaw being inspected or evaluated.

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What Is a Land Surveyor and What Will They Do for Your Building or Land?

Hiring a land surveyor makes sense when you own land or a building. With a land surveyor, you can define the boundaries of your property and get everything in paper as proof that you own that particular area of land. A good survey plan should be able to provide details on the abstract title data, physical site features, and the unseen boundaries, and how each factor would relate spatially with one another. Land surveyors often provide the data in a visual manner by illustrating the results on a specialized map. This way, you can easily identify where your boundaries are and you can avoid encroaching on neighboring properties. Likewise, in case a neighbor has crossed the boundary line and built on your land, you can use the survey for proof.

Land surveyors are typically hired before a major construction project, but their services can be beneficial before embarking on a renovation or a minor alteration to your building or land. This way, you can be sure that you are building within your boundaries, and you can properly plan the construction project before you proceed. Doing so may help prevent costly rework and mistakes, as well as lawsuits filed by other property owners around you. Land surveyors plot, measure, and record your land’s details using data from previous surveys and maps, and their own data as well. They may uncover any unknown measurements and disputes over the allocation of property, too.

You can hire a land surveyor if you want to buy property or a parcel of land, too. Only a licensed land surveyor can produce a qualified and acceptable survey that can describe what is exactly on the land before you purchase it. Features of the land such as underground utilities, fences, trees, and manholes will be included in the data, too.

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