High-Definition & Geodetic Survey – A New Face of Land Surveyor Agencies in Los Angeles

Established land surveyor agencies in Los Angeles are always up-to-date with innovative techniques, equipment, and technologies in delivering accurate and reliable land survey results. The high-definition and geodetic survey are among those methods and technologies. Geodetic surveying is a technique that supports infrastructure development, mapping, property delineation, boundary determination, scientific applications, and resource evaluation surveys, and HD surveys are a non-intrusive and non-destructive method of collecting accurate and detailed as-built data using a cutting-edge laser scanner. Here is a more in-depth view of these land surveying methods:

High-definition surveys

HD surveying is a non-destructive and non-intrusive manner of acquiring accurate and detailed as-built data using cutting-edge high-definition technology and a narrow laser beam to swipe across the target object. As the laser moves, it picks up hundreds of thousands of measurements, which are closely spaced, yet gathered in a matter of minutes. This way, high-definition surveys are faster and capable of producing accurate and reliable land surveying results for various applications, including geodetic and topographic surveys. The measurements can be shown on the computer, and a highly detailed representation of target results can be navigated and viewed as a three-dimensional (3D) model.

Laser 3D and high-definition scanning services revolutionized land surveying, as they provide an extra layer of safety to professional surveyors who need to obtain data on challenging areas, like heavily traveled highways and where footing may be unstable. Digital output ensures accurate and complete as-built data, which can be provided at a lower cost and more quickly compared to what conventional land surveying methods can.

Geodetic surveys

A geodetic survey establishes the vertical and horizontal positions of points for a project’s control. It is useful for the control of installation sites, study areas, GIS, and maps, too, as it ascertains fixed monuments’ 3D point positions to establish a primary reference for construction and engineering projects. The control points can serve as the basic framework where a detailed construction alignment work, site plan, boundary demarcation, and topographic mapping can be conducted. Methods used in geodetic surveys can be used to efficiently and effectively evaluate and monitor external deformations in massive structures.

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Why it’s Necessary to Conduct Land Survey on Real Estate Properties?

Any real estate property can have a few or more unknown issues, and the only way to discover them is by conducting a land survey. With a land survey, you can acquire a legal description of your real estate property and determine where your property lines are. This way, you can be sure that there are no encroachments and that your property is not encroaching on a neighboring land. Basic land surveying services are boundary surveys for commercial and residential real estate. Apart from determining where your property lies, land surveys can help you find other aspects and characteristics that may be critical to your real estate purchase or development:

  • Avoid lawsuits and additional costs – One of the important reasons for conducting a survey on real estate properties is to keep lawsuits at bay. A survey can reveal the conditions imposed by the law that may be reflected in the title report and relevant agreements. If you build a fence or any other structure beyond your property lines, you could be sued and you could pay more to have the structures removed and rebuilt.

  • Certification requirements – A professionally conducted land survey may be required when applying for an environmental certification, flood plain classification, or the zoning opinion letter. Some lenders may require your property to be surveyed before you are qualified for financing, too. Likewise, an insurance company may order a land survey before approving your application for property insurance.

  • Find gaps, overlaps, and gores – Boundary surveys will ensure the absence of discrepancies between a neighboring property and your property’s boundary lines, especially if yours is continuous with streets, highways, roads, and alleys.

  • Find invisible aspects of your land – Certain types of surveys, like the topographic survey, can reveal the geographical condition of your real estate property. The data about your land will be used to identify the map and to contour the land. The survey examines materials above and below ground level and it may cover various elements, including soil density, utility poles, wells, manholes, walls, and trees.

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Land Surveyors California – Understand the Profession and Duties

Land surveys are an integral aspect of developing and building, regardless of the structure. Professionals, homeowners, government agencies, private businesses, architects, engineers, and property developers are among those that rely on the services of land surveyors in California. The duty of surveyors may seem simplistic, and that is to measure and determine the boundaries of a parcel of land. However, their skills and duties can go beyond that, as they can be hired to analyze land before it is used for agricultural use and for other purposes, to improve infrastructure, examine archaeological sites, and map out any type of development.

The job and responsibilities of land surveyors can be complex and challenging. Thus, it makes sense for them to be continuously willing to learn and be updated with the latest land surveying laws, regulations, systems, equipment, and methods. All accredited and licensed land surveyors in California are highly trained, experienced, and specializing in advanced land surveying methods and technologies. Hence, you can count on them for high-definition land surveys, ALTA/ACSM surveys for commercial property, and HD 3D scanning surveys.

Land surveyor in California can conduct basic surveys like land surveying and mapping, topographic surveys, and residential property or boundary surveys. You can trust them for commercial surveys, like ALTA/ACSM land title surveys, and specialized areas, like topographic and environmental surveys, too.

The best land surveyors in California are friendly and work for your best interests. They are flexible, thus, enabling them to process information and do their jobs more efficiently, regardless of your project. This way, they are able to earn repeat customers and get referrals from public and private clients. When choosing a land surveyor in California, be sure to look up testimonials written by their customers. This way, you can verify the quality of their customer service and the work and you can be sure that the surveyor is able to meet deadlines and requirements. This is a good way to determine if the service is competitively priced, too.

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Use ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys as Per Governmental Guidelines

Boundary surveys delineate property lines, easements, and various other important details about a particular property as mandated by state and government standards. When ordering an ALTA/ACSM land title survey, it is essential that the surveyors adhere to the set of national and governmental standards put forth by ACSM (American Congress on Surveying and Mapping), later on adopted by ALTA (American Land Title Association). These standards seek to establish uniform guidelines for different types of commercial real estate transactions.

More detailed than your typical land border survey, an ALTA/ACSM survey includes details like easements encumbering or benefitting a property, access or lack thereof to a public road, possible encroachments across the easement or boundary, zoning setbacks, evidence of use by other parties, evidence of cemeteries, flood zones, water boundaries, and names of adjoining property owners. In addition to this long list of survey details, ALTA/ACSM guidelines also require surveyors to perform in-depth research on the property before even beginning any actual measurements. This means a thorough examination of the current title commitment and looking into municipal and country records for possible encumbrances. This due diligence itself provides foreknowledge of possible conflicts concerning the land before direct survey even begins.

ALTA/ASCM land title survey may be costlier than a typical boundary survey, but it does cover a world of other property details that general boundary surveys miss. In fact, these surveys even cover more than minimum state standards, although this depends on the type of survey you order to be performed by your land surveyor. When searching for a surveyor to do your due diligence, see to it that they use up to date standards from ALTA/ACSM. This nationwide guideline has strict standards of accuracy and the availability of advanced technology like satellites and laser equipment these days makes this possible.

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High Definition Survey Faster and More Accurate than Traditional Survey Methods

High definition 3D laser scanners are now the go-to survey measurement tools for professional land surveyors. Land surveying companies turn to laser scanning technology to streamline and improve data collection processes and overall project outcomes. More than mere tools for measuring vast distances, 3D laser scanners gather information with pin-point accuracy, which makes them extremely beneficial for determining as-is conditions of surveyed areas. The technology offers a smart and efficient solution to many challenges that land surveyors encounter in the field.

Land surveyors are stewards of property boundaries, and their work help find and solve on-going issues not limited to land disputes. High definition 3D laser scanning technology helps land surveyors overcome many of the challenges that traditional survey methods simply cannot tackle. Below are some of the top advantages that this technology offers over other types of land survey methods, tools, and techniques:

  • 3D land surveys cut field time significantly. Traditional space and property mapping takes a considerable amount of work, time, and money. 3D laser scanners eliminate time-consuming tasks while still providing accurate data reports. This reduces field time considerably while also helping save cost by preventing errors and the need for rework. This kind of pinpoint accuracy also allows surveyors and project planners to concentrate better on what the reported data actually means rather than focusing all their time and effort on data collection. Data gathered in 3D land surveys can even be used to create 3D models of the surveyed property, which allows surveyors to fully showcase solutions to clients.
  • Laser scanning is highly versatile. The tools used for this survey method come in a wide variety of platforms, which enables land surveyors to choose between different tools for the job. From mobile laser scanning to aerial mapping, high definition surveys provide superb flexibility, especially when working around obstacles as they measure properties.

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An Insight into Topographic Survey and Boundary Survey

A land survey must be conducted whenever you buy land, and two of the most essential services to consider are the topographic and boundary surveys. A topographic survey is conducted to determine a land’s geographical condition, and boundary surveys are performed to measure the boundaries of a parcel of land. These surveys can help you save money and avoid issues associated with land ownership, the condition of the property, and boundary issues. Here are more insights that can help you understand each survey:

Topographic surveys

Data from a topographic survey will be useful in identifying the land’s contours and map. Hence, the survey is conducted preferably at the planning phase of a construction project. Maps and contours will be useful when creating the base map for the structure. The survey is conducted irrespective of the type of project, whether it is a residential or commercial structure, or a road or a bridge. It can reveal various details about your land, like its value, strength, and life.

The topographic survey is conducted below and above ground level. Hence, every feature of the land will be surveyed and examined, including walkways, manholes, wells, soil density, trees, and utility poles. The procedure starts by establishing the horizontal and vertical control to serve as the survey’s framework. From there, surveyors will determine enough horizontal location and the elevation of the ground points, so they can obtain enough data for plotting. Man-made and natural features will be located, and the elevations, volumes, distances, and angles of earthwork will be computed before the topographic maps are drawn.

Boundary surveys

Residential property surveys are also known as ‘boundary surveys’, but they are more complex than and do not merely involve pinpointing and calculating a land’s boundaries. They involve research and analysis of the land. Likewise, surveyors look up previous surveys, which may influence current conclusions about the land. A boundary survey is typically requested before building any structure on the land and in case of dubious lands.

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How 3D Laser Scanning of Land Offer Technological and Cost Saving Benefits

Land surveying used to require a lot of time to finish, but professional surveyors continue to upgrade and invest in the latest equipment to save time and provide better value to their clients. The 3D laser scanner is one of the highly advanced and most updated land surveying equipment used by professionals for high-definition surveying requirements. With 3D laser scanning, surveyors are swiftly able obtain accurate data. Discerning builders, architects, and project developers prefer this method to accurately survey the land that has already been used or constructed, but must be examined further for destruction, remodeling, renovation, and other purposes.

You can have your land or property surveyed using the 3D laser scanning method at any point in the developmental phase, like initiating, planning, upgrade, and conclusion. Be sure to hire experienced professional land surveyors who have known for their reliable 3D laser scanning services. A 3D laser scanner uses a high-definition scanning method with an updated scanning system. This way, land surveying can be accomplished faster, while ensuring accuracy and versatility for a wide range of applications.

The equipment is used with a high-end software for viewing the 3D images. The software can display panoramic images, measurements, and markups. A 3D laser scanner can take 360 by 320-degree photo realistic panoramic scans, too, so surveyors can provide you with precise and exclusive 3D images that are highly detailed.

Land surveying using 3D laser scanners can help you save a lot of time and money, unlike when you rely on traditional methods. It can be used to update or create as-built documentation, and the information generated by the scans can be helpful when conducting damage and condition assessment. The 3D laser scanning method is used in clash and interference checking, deformation analysis, and creating 2D plans. It can be useful in obtaining tank/vessel volumetric information and in 3D semi-automated modeling, too. With the right software, the data can be exchanged with commonly used CAD platforms or used for making precise 3D models quickly from point clouds.

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