Why it’s Necessary to Conduct Land Survey on Real Estate Properties?

Any real estate property can have a few or more unknown issues, and the only way to discover them is by conducting a land survey. With a land survey, you can acquire a legal description of your real estate property and determine where your property lines are. This way, you can be sure that there are no encroachments and that your property is not encroaching on a neighboring land. Basic land surveying services are boundary surveys for commercial and residential real estate. Apart from determining where your property lies, land surveys can help you find other aspects and characteristics that may be critical to your real estate purchase or development:

  • Avoid lawsuits and additional costs – One of the important reasons for conducting a survey on real estate properties is to keep lawsuits at bay. A survey can reveal the conditions imposed by the law that may be reflected in the title report and relevant agreements. If you build a fence or any other structure beyond your property lines, you could be sued and you could pay more to have the structures removed and rebuilt.

  • Certification requirements – A professionally conducted land survey may be required when applying for an environmental certification, flood plain classification, or the zoning opinion letter. Some lenders may require your property to be surveyed before you are qualified for financing, too. Likewise, an insurance company may order a land survey before approving your application for property insurance.

  • Find gaps, overlaps, and gores – Boundary surveys will ensure the absence of discrepancies between a neighboring property and your property’s boundary lines, especially if yours is continuous with streets, highways, roads, and alleys.

  • Find invisible aspects of your land – Certain types of surveys, like the topographic survey, can reveal the geographical condition of your real estate property. The data about your land will be used to identify the map and to contour the land. The survey examines materials above and below ground level and it may cover various elements, including soil density, utility poles, wells, manholes, walls, and trees.

Source URL: http://www.calvadasurveying.com/blog/why-its-necessary-to-conduct-land-survey-on-real-estate-properties/



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