Risk of Buying Land without Having a Survey Done By Professional Land Surveyors Always Prevails, Know Why

Your decision to purchase land will depend not only on factors like the price, location, and its condition, but the information from a professional surveyor. In fact, it is recommended that you have a survey professionally done by licensed land surveyors before you ultimately decide to buy any parcel of land. Without a survey, you could be at risk for many financial headaches and lawsuits in the future, as well as disputes with your neighbors or rightful owners of the property. Here is an overview of the risks you could encounter when buying land without having it surveyed by a professional:

  • You could end up building your property and erecting fences on a neighbor’s land – Land surveying can reveal where property boundaries are. Without it, you could make costly mistakes, like when you have to face lawsuits or lose money when you unknowingly built on your neighbor’s land.
  • The land could be hiding secrets – There have been instances where homes and commercial properties have been built on former cemeteries or sacred burial grounds. Even if you are not the superstitious type, it still helps to know the history of the land you are planning to buy and if any other property has already been built on it. Land surveyors can reveal unknown encroachments, boundary issues, and easements, too.
  • The land could be inappropriate for your structure – Land must be suitable for building before you begin any type of project on it. Without a survey, you could risk building on unstable soil or contaminated ground. Professional land surveyors are qualified to conduct a topographical survey to determine the condition of the land. If you are building a commercial structure, surveyors can conduct an ALTA/ACSM survey to identify the land’s legal boundaries and any easements, encroachments, rights-of-way, and improvements on it.

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