Environmental Land Surveys – The New and Improved Way to Survey Any Land

Land surveying typically involves finding, measuring, and mapping the boundaries of a land, but it encompasses many different techniques meant for specific purposes. Environmental land surveys, for instance, is a technique that lets surveyors understand potential effects of environmental factors on construction or real estate developments, and conversely, the impact those structures will have on the surrounding environment. Hence, they are considered among the new and improved ways to survey any land, whether it is meant for residential or commercial purposes. Environmental land surveys can cover different tasks, like Geo-Tracker reporting, monitoring well, earth quantity calculations, topographic and boundary surveys, as-built surveys, and construction staking.

Only licensed and highly qualified land surveyors can conduct environmental land surveys using advanced methods and cutting-edge technologies, like high-definition 3D laser scanning. Land surveyors use GPS, 3D laser scanners, and other high-end equipment for accurate and quick results. High definition 3D laser scanning can produce results faster than traditional methods, so it helps architects, builders, engineers, and project developers make informed decisions quicker. It allows for examining land that has already been used, too. The equipment enables environmental land surveys to yield panoramic, photo-realistic, and detailed images, measurements, and other markups, all of which can be used in assessing land, structure, or a proposed building.

Environmental land surveys can be conducted for real estate, telecommunications, engineering, property development, and environmental industries in the private and public sectors. When choosing environmental land surveyors, always make sure that they are licensed in the state where the survey will be conducted, and that they have years of experience in providing their land surveying services in that area. Survey results can reveal the likelihood of an existing or proposed structure to flood, or used when assessing the condition of contaminated land, which has been used for disposal or industrial waste.

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