Land Surveyors and Various Land Surveying Services

Land surveying is a task that must be left to professionals who are licensed to provide and conduct the service in your city or state. Leading surveying companies provide high-quality services for real estate, telecommunications, engineering, development, and environmental industries in the private and public sectors. They are committed to applying innovative surveying technologies to ensure accurate results. Using the latest technologies like high-definition 3D laser scanning, land surveyors are able to conduct any form of land survey for any application. Here is an overview of some of the land surveying services you can expect from professional surveyors:

ALTA/ACSM surveys – These are accredited land title surveys meant for commercial purposes. Land surveyors follow a uniform set of standards implemented by the American Land Title Association and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. ALTA and ACSM surveys are conducted to obtain information for lenders and buyers about the land or the property and its potential risks and the benefits of owning that property. They shed light on the information on boundaries and easements, offer suggestions for improvements like fences, rights of ways, trails, and roads, and provide information on other aspects of the property that may determine or affect ownership.

Environmental surveys – Land surveys that are conducted for the environmental industry can cover tasks like geotracker reporting, monitoring well, earth quantity calculations, as-built surveying, construction staking, and topographic surveys.

Geodetic survey – The survey is a method that supports boundary determination, mapping, resource evaluation, infrastructure development, scientific applications, and property delineation. Geodetic surveys establish the vertical and horizontal positions of the points for control of an installation site, study area, GIS, map, or project. Surveyors ascertain the fixed monuments’ three-dimensional point positions to obtain information, which will serve as a reference for construction and engineering projects. The control paints can become the basic framework for topographic mapping, construction alignment, and boundary demarcation.

Residential property survey – For this survey, land surveyors do not only measure the boundaries of the land, but analyze and research the land before determining the boundaries and plot of the property. They look up previous surveys, which may affect present conclusions on the land, too.

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