Things That Land Surveyors Analyze About the Land

Land surveyors are hired to determine the boundaries of a property, survey plots, and create maps. They work under different conditions and use traditional and advanced surveying equipment to complete a job. Professional land surveyors are licensed in the state where they are allowed to offer their services, and they are trusted by both commercial and residential clients, as well as insurance companies and the authorities when it comes to information about a parcel of land. Here are some of the things that land surveyors can analyze about land:

The horizontal and vertical positions of points – These can be found through a geodetic survey, a technique that supports boundary determination, mapping, infrastructure development, property delineation, and resource evaluation surveys. The survey establishes the vertical and horizontal positions of the points for controlling a project or a map, study area, GIS, or installation site. The points can be the basic framework for detailed boundary demarcation and topographic mapping.

A land’s geographical condition – In topographic surveys, land surveyors will determine and analyze the geographical condition of the land to come up with data for contouring and mapping the land. This analysis is crucial in the planning phase of every construction or developmental project. The contours and maps will be used as the base map for the entire project. To determine the overall condition of the land, land surveyors will conduct the survey below and above the grand level to examine the entire area and objects on it, such as utility poles, manholes, soil density, walkways, walls, wells, and trees. The outcome of the survey can provide various details that can determine the life, value, and strength of the land.

Boundaries – Land surveyors conduct boundary surveys to identify, locate, analyze, measure, and report the location of a land’s boundary lines. The survey may reveal encroachments on the land, too. To accomplish this, surveyors conduct the survey following technical standards. Land surveyors are qualified to conduct accredited land title surveys like ALTA and ACSM, too, for commercial properties.

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