The Importance of Using Laser Scanning Technology to Assess Land

Laser scanners are considered the most advanced land surveying and measurement tools for professional land surveyors. With laser scanning technology, surveyors are able to assess land accurately and quickly, and help their clients finish their construction or renovation projects on time. Laser scanning technology is not merely used to assess land. It utilizes tools that can help you determine vast distances or obtain accurate information for updating or creating as-is data and for many other applications. Here is an overview of the importance of using laser scanners in land surveying:

It lets surveyors complete the survey promptly – Laser scanning technology can cut a significant amount of field time due to their fast speeds and accurate computing capabilities. That way, it is able to reduce field time and enable clients to stay within their budget when they can avoid rework. With accurate results, surveyors can focus more on interpreting the data rather than how it is collected.

Versatility3D laser scanners are versatile for a wide variety of applications. They can be used for making 3D models, weld peaking reports, assessment of damage or condition on a property, or determining tank/vessel volume information. Likewise, laser scanning technology can be used in clash/interference checking and for exchanging data with other CAD platforms.

It speeds up the process of reconstructing spaces accurately – Laser scanning technology is used for creating complete 3D CAD models precisely and fast from point clouds.

Non-destructive and quick – Laser scanning technology is non-invasive and will not require you to lug around heavy equipment on the field. Set up the equipment on one area and let it take digital images of the land or the structure. The equipment uses a line of laser to gather all the necessary data before reconstructing the land as a three-dimensional image in the computer. It works with modern software for data interpretation, too.

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