Topographic Survey – Gather Survey Data about the Natural and Man-Made Features of the Land

Topographic surveys are performed to identify the map and the figuration of a particular area or land including the features on the surface and superficially below the surface. The features can be trees, buildings, manholes, streets, walkways, or utility poles. It serves for the purpose of designing a base map for any type of construction. It may be needed for showing the easements crossing the property and display perimeter boundary lines. Topographic surveys require benchmarks to which ground figuration is related.

Topographic surveys are performed with the help of GPS and EDM technology. It also identifies the changes which have occurred on the land in a particular period of time. It is considered as the first step in any type of construction as it provides the clear picture of the land. The reason why topographic surveys are so important is that the understanding of the topography of the land becomes highly essential for any alterations in the property or constructing a new structure.

Topographical surveys are useful for homeowners, builders, and business owners looking to expand their property. The area and the materials are examined and every single aspect found or piece of data affects the outcome of the entire survey.

Topographical survey consists of the following steps:

  • Establishment of horizontal and vertical control which leads to the framework of the survey.
  • Actuating enough horizontal location and elevation of the ground points to extract sufficient data for plotting when the map is required.
  • Locating natural and man-made structures that may be required for the survey or other purposes.
  • Calculation of distances, elevation, angles, and volumes of the earthwork.
  • Finally, the last step is to draw the topographical maps.

In the process, various details about the land are collected to evaluate the life, strength, and value, of the land. Afterward, the accurate dimensions and proportions of the land are calculated. Each aspect is recorded and calculated to its highest possible accuracy. Such precision is required to design the correct map of the land. All these outcomes are useful in determining the correct natural and cultural features of the land.

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