Residential Property Survey and Its Applications

Before building a residence or any other property, it is important to know what kind of land your plot contains. Drawing up plans for the plot requires a complete understanding of the property to have better results and unique plans that serve your residential purposes.

A residential property survey is one of the most important types of land survey. Not only does it check out all of the lands, but it also ensures that the buildings you are planning to construct abide by the laws and construction codes set by the government. Residential property surveys have a lot of scopes:

  • Boundary survey: When measuring the piece of land that is your property, the land surveyors ensure that they check research and analyze the land to determine plot and boundaries of the property. This in-depth analysis ensures that all the points are properly checked.
  • Cumulating information: When you get a residential land survey done, the surveyors not only check out the land in present time but also go back and check the previous records to understand how the land is shifting to predict its future uses. This is very useful information and will help you formulate the plans for your property as well.
  • Other services: Along with the basic survey that you will be getting, your residential land surveys also offer various services that benefit you such as foundation surveys, as-built surveys, property line staking, loft splits and more. This will benefit your blueprints and can be optimized to suit your needs.
  • Encroachments: Since residential property surveys pinpoint your exact location on the map, it is very useful in figuring out if and how much of your property has been encroached on by a neighbor, whether by intent or otherwise. This can have significant legal ramifications and will also help you avoid the same. It will help you understand where to build you property as well.

With residential property land surveys, you can get a better understanding of the plot you own and build the right property – one which will suit your tastes and needs.

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