How to Conduct a Residential Property Survey

A residential property survey measures the boundaries of your land. Also known as the ‘boundary survey,’ it is typically conducted when you are unsure about the boundaries of your property before you build a fence or expand your home. You will need a residential property survey before building anything on an unused parcel of land, too. Hiring a certified land surveyor is often more prudent than doing the survey yourself. With a professional, you can be sure to get accurate results fast and you can save time and money in the long run. Consider these tips when conducting a residential property survey with an expert:

  • Be sure to choose a residential property surveyor – This certified expert has the skills, experience, and equipment to conduct residential property surveys. Make sure he or she is capable researching and analyzing the land before determining the boundaries and plot of your property.
  • Research is mandatory – Seasoned land surveyors will look up the background and history of your property and research any previous surveys, which may influence the new surveys to be conducted.
  • Know what needs to be done – By working with an expert residential property surveyor, you can eliminate the guesswork involved when determining what needs to be measured or determined. A land surveyor will use the latest technologies to conduct the survey, understand past survey data, take accurate measurements of the property, and study other issues related to your land.

Skilled land surveyors measure and determine each location several times before finding the average of the results. That way, they know exactly the accurate position of points on a map. They will advise you on the differences between the past and current survey results and records, too. With their help, you can easily conduct boundary surveys, obtain house site plans, stake property lines, locate foundations, split lots, and conduct as-built surveys.


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