Advantages of Using GPS Land Surveying in Real Estate

Global Positioning System or GPS technology has changed the way land is surveyed by providing information that was not readily available before, including three-dimensional position, velocity, navigation, and time data. This space-based radio navigation system is made up of 24 satellites that are in orbit almost 20,000 kilometers from the surface of the earth. GPS technology works on the triangulation principle. The satellites in orbit broadcast their position continuously by combining measurements from other satellites.

Another fantastic advantage of GPS in land surveying and real estate is that it remains unaffected by weather conditions. Because GPS is easily integrated with geographic information systems, it is useful for surveying applications and engineering applications. This technology is also known for providing reliable accurate information in rendering digital maps of infrastructure and land.

GPS land surveying is much more cost-efficient than conventional surveying. It is also less time-consuming. Surveyors who do not use GPS technology often have to visit a site multiple times to gather data and verify its accuracy. These surveyors also need to undergo training to operate conventional equipment, which can be complex and technical. Extreme weather conditions, as well as rain and snow, can seriously delay data collection and checking. All these problems are solved by GPS technology. It is easy to see why the surveying industry is quickly switching to GPS to drive down labor costs and increase output accuracy.

It is estimated that a surveyor using GPS surveying equipment can finish the job in about half the time it would take someone who was using conventional surveying technology. Additionally, GPS surveying equipment can be utilized over long distances of over 9 kilometers from the base unit, with fewer setups (whereas conventional bases have to be moved every 0.18 kilometers).


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