Laser Scanning Reduces The Construction Cost

Laser scanning reduces the construction cost by mitigating the entire cost and duration of the project. Laser scanning leads to lesser assumptions and unknowns regarding an existing construction, thus getting rid of the need to include contingency money that might have resulted in

(a) Exceeding the budget of the client or

(b) Even totally losing the project.

With the implementation of the laser scanning technology, there is no longer any need for continuous repeat field trips and pre-project “walk-through”-s thus enabling projects to start without delay and go ahead with lesser interruptions. Laser scanning greatly reduces re-work occurrence as this technology makes spatial geometry and accurate dimensions instantly available.

Laser scanning removes budget and schedule busters that can arise from design oversights and result in construction and fabrication errors. Laser scanning, as a result, lessens the production downtime at the client’s facility as the project outcomes can be implemented without setbacks and errors.

Use of 3D scan services in surveying ensures that equipment placement or re-placement situations can be “virtually” planned out without any difficulty thus reducing the effort in totality. Laser scanning also makes information for lift plans, tie-ins and available real estate easily accessible thus reducing the construction cost in the long run.


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